ASGO 2022 7th International Workshop



World-renowned Asian physicians and overseas guest speakers will present topics of significant advancements in clinically relevant researches. With two days of compact, education sessions and case-based presentations, you will connect with peers and take home impactful, practical applications that will enhance patient care.
August 27, 2022 Online
Time Topic Speaker
Opening - Moderator: Yang Xiang
08:00-08:10 Reception CSGO President: Dr. Beihua Kong
08:10-08:20 Opening remarks ASGO President: Dr. Jae-Weon Kim
08:20-08:30 Opening remarks ASGO President-Elect: Dr. Masaki Mandai
08:30-08:40 Opening remarks Secretery of CMA: Mr. Dafang Wang
Practice Changing Therapies and Novel Approaches Moderator: Jiaxin Yang/Yu Wang/Wenjun Cheng/Wei Wang
08:40-09:05 Novel cancer therapeutics in gynecologic oncology Jubilee Brown
09:05-09:30 Re-irradiation of gynecological cancer or radiotherapy for recurrent gynecological cancer Alexandra Taylor
09:30-09:55 Comprehensive analyses of ovarian cancer exosomes for clinical applications Akira Yokoi
09:55-10:20 Clinical application of HIPEC with cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer Myong Cheol Lim
10:20-10:45 Surgery after the PARPi maintenance therapy Rongyu Zang
10:45-11:10 Review of novel imaging techniques in gynecologic oncology covering sentinel lymph node mapping techniques, NIR spectroscopy in the identification of pre-invasive disease, and vulvar mapping in Paget’s disease. Pearl Tong
11:10-11:35 Targeted therapy in uterine sarcoma Arb-aroon Lertkhachonsuk
11:35-12:00 Laparoscopic modified Dargent radical trachelectomy for early-stage cervical cancer Yang Xiang
12:00-12:20 Industry Symposium 1
Rare and Less Common Gynecologic Tumor Moderator: Danbo Wang/Dongyan Cao
13:00-13:25 Invasive stratified mucin-producing carcinoma: A distinct entity of HPV-associated endocervical adenocarcinoma Eunhyang Park
13:25-13:50 Molecular characteristics and treatment progress of human papillomavirus negative cervical cancer Hui Wang
13:50-14:15 Fallopian tube as potential origin of endometriosis associated ovarian cancers Wenxin Zheng
14:15-14:40 Comprehensive genetic analysis and novel therapeutic approach in low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma Kentaro Nakayama
14:40-15:05 Do we need to treat clear cell carcinoma of ovary differently? Dong Hoon Suh
15:05-15:30 Management of low grade epithelial ovarian cancer Brahmana Askandar
15:30-15:55 Molecular biology of malignant transformation of ovarian mature cystic teratoma Kosuke Yoshihara
15:55-16:15 Industry Symposium 2
Debatable topics in Gynecologic Oncology Moderator: Ruixia Guo/Xinyu Wang
16:15-16:40 Primary and secondary cervical cancer prevention in Malaysia Woo Lin Ying
16:40-17:05 Role of predictive modeling in management of cervical cancer  Kittipat Charoenkwan
17:05-17:30 Resection of Pelvic Retroperitoneal Tumors by Vaginal Natural Orifice Translumenal endoscopic surgery (vNOTES). Zhiqing Liang
17:30-17:55 Abnormal p53, endometrioid type endometrial cancer, a dilemma of clinical practice Jen-Ruei Chen
17:55-18:20 Study of Precancerous lesion and pathogenesis of uterine leiomyosarcoma Beihua Kong
18:20-18:45 Contemporary issue in the management of cervical cancer: An Indian Perspective Sudeep Gupta
18:45-18:55 Advertisement The 8th ASGO Biennial Meeting
August 28, 2022 Online
Time Topic Speaker
Moderator: Yang Xiang
08:00-08:25 ENYGO activity: past, present, and future Nicolò Bizzarri
Young Doctor Session 1 Moderator: Yuanming Shen,Hong Zheng, Peng Peng, Xia Yin
08:25-08:38 Novel therapeutic approach for uterine leiomyosarcoma based on transcriptome analysis Kosuke Yoshida
08:38-08:51 Psychosocial Burden in Women with Positive Human Papilloma Virus Testing after Abnormal Cervical Cytology: Atypical Squamous Cells of Undetermined Significance (ASC-US). Chompunoot Kongsawatvorakul
08:51-09:04 The acceptability of vaginal self-sampling for human papillomavirus (HPV) testing among a multi-ethnic Asian female population Yogeeta Gunasagran
09:04-09:17 Single-cell transcriptomics reveals tissue architecture in ovarian carcinosarcoma Junfen Xu
09:17-09:30 Oncological and reproductive outcomes after fertility-sparing surgery in patients with seromucinous borderline ovarian tumor: results of a large retrospective study Dan Wang
09:30-09:43 Efficacy and impact of PARPi monotherapy to subsequent platinum-based chemotherapy in BRCA1/2 mutant ovarian cancer patients with secondary platinum-sensitive relapse Kun Song
09:43-09:56 A Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study Comparing vNOTES and Laparoscopic Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping for Endometrial Cancer Yanzhou Wang
Young Doctor Session 2 Moderator: Xiaojun Chen, Shengtao Zhou, Ning Li, Chaoyang Sun
09:56-10:09 A Case of isolated inguinal nodal cancer of mullerian origin Jeslyn Wong
10:09-10:22 Epithelial-mesenchymal transition in fertility sparing management of endometrial cancer Jie Yang
10:22-10:35 Significance of TCGA molecular classification in fertility-sparing treatment of endometrial cancer and atypical hyperplasia Yiqin Wang
10:35-10:48 Real-world outcomes of Niraparib treatment in patients with ovarian cancer-the first observational multicenter study in China Jin Li
10:48-11:01 Exploiting DNA Replication Stress for Sequential Therapy with PARP and WEE1 Inhibitors Yong Fang
11:01-11:14 The randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of surgical debulking of metastatic lymph nodes in cervical cancer stage IIICr Dongling Zou
11:14-11:27 Diagnostic performance of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in patients with operable cervical cancer: a Retrospective study. Rohini Kulkarni
11:27-11:40 A Carrier As A Gynecologic Oncologist: In An Academic Hospital In A Developing Country Hari Nugroho
11:40-11:50 Closing Remarks CSGO: Dr. Yang Xiang
11:50-12:00 Advertisement The 8th ASGO Biennial Meeting: see you next year!